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    DataQE provides an easy-to-use interface within the ESRI ArcGIS environment and is designed specifically for GIS professionals who edit and manage GIS data on a regular basis, as well as those responsible for QA/QC of GIS data.
  • Rule Sets can be created that contain the various QA rules you use to evaluate your datasets. Rule Sets are stored permanently, allowing you to re-use them whenever you need to re-evaluate a particular data source, and can be easily shared among multiple users. Rule Set Definition Reports can be created to document the list of rules currently stored in a Rule Set.
  • Data quality evaluations can be performed quickly and easily - DataQE provides customizable quality assurance checks that can be used to evaluate GIS data layers and tables.
  • DataQE can be used interactively within an ArcMap session (to evaluate data sources loaded in the current map document), and also supports batch processing to evaluate data sources without the need for loading them into a map.
  • Evaluation results are displayed in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to quickly identify any discrepancies between the data being evaluated and the QA rules specified in the selected Rule Set.
  • Evaluation results can be stored for archival purposes; in addition, Evaluation Summary Reports can be generated at any time for printing or export to other programs, and individual results can also be exported to both XML and CSV formats.
  • DataQE allows you to quickly create data rules by selecting from a series of predefined rule definitions that can then be customized and applied to entire layers as well as individual fields within a table.
  • Rules can be defined to check layer properties (e.g., naming conventions and projection standards), table structures (e.g., field names, types and widths) and attribute values (e.g., required/unique values, domains, etc.). Custom rules based on specific queries of your data can also be created to help validate business logic within your organization.
  • Rule Sets can be customized to match both agency and individual project standards.
  • Rule Set definitions are flexible, and can be customized for an individual data source or applied to multiple data sources, if desired.
  • DataQE can evaluate not only spatial data, but tabular data as well, from a variety of different sources, including Access, Oracle, SQL Server and Excel, among others.
  • Spatial features that fail individual QA checks can be easily identified and selected in ArcMap, streamlining the editing and correction process.
  • Data Quality Evaluations can be performed both interactively or in batch mode for automated processing.
  • DataQE is available in both Desktop (single-user) and Enterprise (multi-user) licensing, and supports Citrix network installations.